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Here you are in front of the Sacred Heart Convent, the Mother House of the Missionary Sisters of Steyl, and can now learn more about the Convent, its inhabitants and their religious community. You can click through the galleries and get insights and information. We hope you enjoy it!



The Convent

Discover the most important places in the more than 100-year-old Sacred Heart Convent with the help of our photo gallery. Take a look at the church, the Convent corridors, the garden and also our activities for adults and young people.


View of the Sacred Heart Convent and the grounds from above
Right in the entrance a cross welcomes visitors, as dynamic and colourful as the life and tasks of the Steyl Sisters
In the entrance area you find this vine, which shows the development of the Congregation
This mechanical clock has been striking every 15 minutes since the beginning of the convent, i.e. since 1904, for the Quarter-Hour prayer - a prayer that helps us to remain united with God
The clock has to be wound up every day
The centre of the convent is the large church where liturgy is celebrated
In the side chapel of the church is the sarcophagus of our two beatified co-foundresses Mother Maria and Mother Josepha
The Chapel of the Cross has a modern design and is also available as a prayer room
Year after year, sisters from all over the world come to Steyl to visit the place where their congregation was founded, to immerse themselves in the spirituality of Steyl and to meet fellow sisters
Individual guests and groups are also welcome in the convent. There are guided tours, days of recollection, retreats and workshops
Conference rooms offer a place for group events such as seminars and workshops
For young people and young adults, the "in:spirit house of encounter" is a place that offers opportunities for a variety of activities
A wing of the building is set up for our elderly and sick sisters who need support and care
In the spacious garden behind the house you can relax, walk, meditate...
The view of the convent building from the garden
A replica of the grotto of Lourdes also invites you to pray and linger in the garden
The convent cemetery, where our sisters are buried, borders the garden

The History

The Missionary Sisters were the second community founded by Arnold Janssen in Steyl in 1889. Together with Mother Maria, Helena Stollenwerk, and Mother Josepha, Hendrina Stenmanns, he laid the foundation for a community of sisters active worldwide. Here in Steyl the first generations of sisters were trained, and from here they also went to the countries where they were assigned.



Arnold Janssen founded 1875 here in Steyl a missionary order for men, the Steyl Missionaries
Soon young women also came with the wish to become missionaries. Their dream came true in 1889 with the founding of the Steyl Missionary Sisters. Mother Maria, Helena Stollenwerk, became their co-foundress
Hendrina Stenmanns, Mother Josepha, is also a co-foundress of the Steyl Missionary Sisters. So women shaped the history of the Congregation from the beginning
As early as 1895, the first four Missionary Sisters were sent to Argentina
The community of sisters grew quickly. Following this vocation, many young women came to Steyl to go to people all over the world as missionaries
Soon other mission areas on other continents were added, and more and more sisters set out from Steyl on journeys to unknown worlds
Through their commitment and their lives, they also awakened the desire of young women in their countries of mission to become missionary sisters and to bear witness to God's love in other countries
Currently, our Congregation is experiencing most of its new members in Asia, especially in Indonesia. In the meantime, sisters from other countries are also active in the Netherlands and in Germany
At present, more than 70 sisters from 7 nations live here in the Sacred Heart Convent

The Community of Religious

Currently, almost 3000 sisters from about 50 nations are working in as many countries. We live and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and work for social justice, in pastoral care, in educational institutions, with refugees and people on the margins of society, for women's empowerment and the integrity of creation.

Mission means "sending": Christians believe that GOD sends them to shape the world together. This mission encompasses many dimensions, both ecclesial and spiritual, as well as secular and political.


Around the world, we always work with the people on the ground and focus on the concrete needs that exist
For example, we work with refugee families in Athens
Medical care and nursing of old and sick people is also one of our tasks
Many sisters work in the area of children and youth, because education and training is a special concern for us
Sharing life and faith with others, this attitude characterises our work
Pastoral work is also one of our core tasks

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