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“In moments when we simply surrender all to God, God becomes the actor who acts through us. God becomes the writer of our lives,
and we become the pencil with which God writes a love letter to the world."

(Adam Bucko)


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One-day escape into silence, for beginners, but open to all

Kategorien: silence & contemplation

Centering Prayer method (in silence)

Kategorien: silence & contemplation

Weekend retreat with the method of Centering Prayer (IN SILENCE)

Kategorien: silence & contemplation

Centering Prayer Method (IN SILENCE)

Kategorien: silence & contemplation

New proposal - 2025

17th to 31st March

for Members of Religious Orders


“Uncovering the Inner Self in Intercultural Community Living: A Path to Transformation”


Short Renewal Program:

6-day in-person Workshop followed by a
7-day Contemplative Retreat


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About the program

"In a world of noise, confusion and conflict it is necessary that there be places of silence, inner discipline and peace. In such places love can blossom.”
(Thomas Merton)

Silence & Contemplation Steyl is a space where inner transformation is encouraged through programs that promote stillness and solitude, which foster the discovery of the diamond that lies within every living being. Through the practice of silence and stillness, a new way of seeing has space to emerge, giving birth to greater levels of empathy and compassion for all.
More often than not, the hectic rhythm of today’s life, the deafening noise of social media, the anxiety about the future, or the nostalgia from the past, often hinder the soul’s search for meaning.

Through retreats, workshops, and meditation experiences, Silence & Contemplation Steyl is committed to fostering a new consciousness that nurtures soul searching, encompasses a sense of awe and respect for all beings, and promotes an active commitment to tenderly embrace and care for creation as our common home.


Who is giving the program?

Maria José Rebelo is a Missionary Sister Servant of the Holy Spirit, originally from Portugal, with experience of living and ministering in various countries. She did her initial formation and pastoral experience in Brazil for over 5 years; trained as a clinical psychologist in Brisbane (Australia); made a PhD in migration and mental health in Madrid (Spain); and provided psychological support to migrants and refugees for over 8 years in Lisbon (Portugal). In her congregation, she served in leadership at Regional (Spain-Portugal) and European levels for 6 years; has been practicing centering prayer for over 13 years; and has offered psychospiritual courses and contemplative retreats for several years.

She is passionate about Jesus’ contemplative and compassionate way of being with people, especially those experiencing pain and social exclusion, and all those actively seeking meaning in life.